the liberal geek girl

Bio: I am an autism mom. I am a kick ass wife. I think low-fat is a government conspiracy. My religion is love. I am aggressively competitive. I love things that turn my mouth blue. I am a bleeding heart liberal. I don't just take in books/shows/movies-I have a relationship with them. I am a Dungeon Master. I believe the solution to all of the world's problems is compassion. I am tone and tune deaf. I am bisexual and so is my husband. I have 4 amazing parents. My comic book collection is better than your comic book collection. I am not perfect. I am flawed. I belong to too many fandoms. I love when a smell reminds you of someone else. I have tattoos and body mods. I say sir and mam to everyone. I dye my hair too much. I am a feminist. I am chronically late. I grew up in dirt road MS on fried chicken and sweet tea. I am the oldest of 7. I will not hide/change who I am to make you more comfortable. I know who I am.

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