right or wrong

i dont always make choices the standard way, the way people nowdays call healthy. i dont, at every crossroads, weigh the options, measure the odds, check my schemata to see how x or y fits. i stand at the fork waiting to be pulled by a force stronger than psychology, more precise than logic.
i make a hundred choices everyday, decisions about where to put my money, who to talk to, what food to eat. and yet the fundamental experiences which have shaped my life, the cities i’ve lived in, the family i’ve been born into, the people i’ve been attracted to, the color of my skin, the books i’m drawn to read, the ideas which compel me, none of these i choose. i find my map without a traditional trajectory, too fragmented for a linear narrative. there is always a direction. there is never a dead end, never a path that does not make me more a human being than i was before. i am always moving. i am always in life, walking.


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