What could be. It starts with me.

    It seems that we suffer from a collective cognitive dissonance. we know the children are starving; the ice caps really are melting. we know our designer sweats are connected to designer sweatshops, our automobiles to the turbid atmosphere, the food on our table to the dwindling water table and the chemicalized soil. we sense that life in the developed world has become a desire machine cranked up to maximum RPM, spinning out a dizzying succession of induced wants for which satisfaction is supplied, scratches for itches, at fair market price – no matter the cost. we also know there’s already enough to feed, clothe, house, heal, and educate everyone, without exception. it’s less a shortage of resources than a shortchanging of imagination: compassion being an ability to imagine – to see – the connection between everyone and everything. everywhere.

     From that standpoint, isnt that connection love itself? isnt it love itself that underlies all wanting? dont we only consume the earth in our hunger for a love already abundant in our own hearts – and waiting in each other’s? and if, enriched by that love, we took less and gave more, would we not see the Midas world we’ve built recede, and the outlines of the beloved community emerge?Image

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